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Then you tactically take cool pic of your kid, not forgetting to get your SEAL Team Four shirt in it!!!! Randy Lee Everette, 44, of Virginia Beach, a former Navy man, operates a Web site dedicated to honoring Medal of Honor recipients and exposing fakes. the SEALs made several efforts to block an upgrade for Chapman, infuriating the Air Force. Without reliable evidence, you just publicly suggested that Mr. Robert Ray Alexander is likely a lifelong inveterate liar and a fraud. Then he made his way to freedom. Sorry for the late reply. Ashman insists that he did apologize to Arrowood and said he does not recall Arrowood asking him to set the record straight with his students. This guy is a real loser. The group gave him a five-star rating, its most ignoble designation. Sure we might joke amoung ourselves but truth is, most special operations deals are joint things these days. .. The database is maintained by the Colorado-based Naval Special Warfare Archives, a group of former SEALs who expose men who falsely claim to be current or former members of the commando unit. Yeah you dont need to post his name here. This penasaurus probably couldnt make it thru a week of Air Force basic..or any other service. Learn 11 ways to spot a fake Navy SEAL, as well as how to verify legit SEALs. But he did not provide the name. Balance Logs 8. He was a Mess cook in the Navy, too many Steven Segal movies I guess. 9. On its ``Wall of Shame,' CyberSEALs says Nolan claimed to be a member of Seal teams 2 and 6. The officer version of an Enlisted Pararescue is the Combat Rescue Officer (CRO). This content community relies on user-generated content from our member contributors. Just FYI, there are actually also foreign enrollment BUD/S graduates, I dont think those guys are listed in the database. The Tower was rebuilt also but because MCPO was tall, he made the freaking levels higher in between so it was a little harder for us short dudes. He passed away 5 years ago. Nolan is being held in the Western Tidewater Regional Jail pending a February sentencing. He lied to his family, he lied to many young men looking to become a SEAL. Anthony Jones Are there other resources where I can check his claims without spending money other than the FOIA? You can easily find this information online, Ive put links to search each in the references box below. The site received one complaint about a man who spins his yarns at an Oceanfront nightspot in Virginia Beach. Barbed Wire 6. Again, great article. Nolan's charade unraveled on Nov. 8 when he pleaded guilty in Norfolk federal court to making false statements to federal agents. If youre looking to find out 100% if someone was a SEAL or not, Don Shipley is your guy. Heres a full list of all of the obstacles on the Navy SEAL O-course in order from start to finish: 1. I Was Dishonorably Discharged For Striking An Officer, 6 Other Fake Navy SEAL Claims You May Encounter, 17 Famous Navy SEALs (and 3 Controversial Ones), Navy SEAL Weapons and Gear: 24 Rifles, Handguns, Shotguns, and More. 12/30/22 00:08:15. 6 Best Navy SEAL Documentaries Of All Time, Air Force Nondestructive Inspection: 2A7X2 & 2A732 Career Profile, DPS Military Move: 8 Things You Need To Know, 300+ Military Separation Codes And Their Meanings, 18 Pros And Cons Of Joining The Coast Guard, https://www.extremesealexperience.com/Fake-Navy-Seal-Verification, https://videos.extremesealexperience.com/Fake-Navy-Seal-Verification. Organizations that expose imposters say claims by bogus Rambos with enhanced military resumes have reached epidemic levels. That changed when some tard missed a stump and tore his satchel wide open after landing crotch first on one of the taller stumps. Henry Jr was born Pa by his own admission. Several other obstacles were added but probably torn down or replaced. He now just lists the above listed Navy Search and Rescue training and BUDs as experience. Phony Navy SEAL of the Week Videos | Extreme SEAL Experience Videos Channel - Phony Navy SEAL of the Week To show only the 'in-person confrontation' videos, CLICK HERE VIDEOS ARE IN THE ORDER - NEWEST FIRST GO TO PAGE << 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 >> A New Batch of SEAL Questions to Ask FAKE NAVY SEALS! He claims he was based in SEAL Team 2 on the West Coast, 10. Not sure. Isnt he John Allen? His name was Donald R Ash. The Phonies can look at it too. Nolan even persuaded one investor to pony up $30,000 when he told her about his covert activities, then presented her with papers that showed he had been honorably discharged. The only Robert Alexander that served in the Navy is a Robert Dean Alexander, who was awarded the purple heart for his actions in World War 2. Easy way to spot and procure a Navy Seal or any fake person who does this ask them to post a screenshot of their DoD record, since they are so eager to divulge to the public on FB. When a judge sentenced Stern to one year of probation in December 1996, he ordered Stern to write a letter of apology to every living recipient of the Medal of Honor. Unfortunately, Shipleys Youtube channel was terminated in February of 2019. Paul wasstarting to become our herosarcasm is just a free service we offer here at Military Phony. Where is the bell at the BUD/S training center anyway?. ``As kids filtered into class, they'd say, `You used to be a SEAL? I just lost a friend who was a SEAL way back before lying about it was even a thing. Before the outbreak, she became a journalist in order to interview several individuals and document their personal stories. 35 34 Related questions More answers below He is not listed in the Navy SEAL database. Never says he completed or became a SEAL. Like red, gold, June 28, 2005: 19 Americans died including 11, 363 shares England's Lionesses put Love Island's preening prima donnas to, Consider carefully the added cost of advice, Use past performance only to determine consistency and risk, It's futile to predict the economy and interest rates, You have plenty of time to identify and recognize exceptional companies, Good management is very important - buy good businesses, Be flexible and humble, and learn from mistakes, Before you make a purchase, you should be able to explain why you are buying. Most phony SEALs wont even have an idea of what the name of the SEAL Training center is even called. If he claims anything other than it being a dive rig, you know hes an impostor. The Freedom Of Information Act, or FOIA request, and gives the public the right to request access to the records from any federal agency. Nearly 700 names have been posted on the ``Wall of Shame' by CyberSEALs, whose members include ex-SEALs and a former Navy wife who once lived in Hampton Roads. 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee. When a student DORs, hes instructed to ring the bell 3 times and place his helmet in the line of quitters. Several people told The Virginian-Pilot that Moeller had told such stories, including the Navy vet and others who live or work at Woodberry Forest, where Moeller rents an apartment. 19. Some hope to impress women with tales of derring-do, others to boost their self-image or even use the SEAL cachet to get a job or a promotion, according to those who would like to see them ``outed.'. His name is Gurio Vincenti, sound familiar? He goes by Ballen, Debbie. This guy isnt dying of anything except mortification that he was caught. I wanted to bitch slap him before we would close up and clean up and he would brag about meeting her on Thursday and Fridays and couldnt wait to meet up with her, Being happily married for 5 years and about to have my second child that would make me sick to my stomach knowing how much I love my wife and family and would like to know what he was feeding this women to fool her like he did to everyone else. One way to prove whether or not someone was a Navy SEAL is to do a FOIA request. 17. And what would he say to an imposter if he came face to face with one? Thanks to these guys that served. However, in 2017 Shipley actually moved off of youtube to his own site, videos.extremesealexperience.com. He also is lying about having a disease that other than he has shit for brains. Don Shipley is one of only a handful of SEALs that have access to the SEAL database, which is a listing of every Navy SEAL and UDT since their inception. I was stationed on the USS Enterprise. Hey Owl, ``When I heard (Arrowood) was coming to the building, I thought, `Oh, geez, maybe I shouldn't have been doing that,' ' Ashman said. 11. If you dont want to fork over the $10 per month to sign up, but still want to find out if someone was a SEAL, Shipley also offers a one-time fee for SEAL verification. wow. The Virginia Beach company Nolan founded, OmniTrade International Inc., signed contracts to sell millions of dollars worth of goods such as food and construction materials in Egypt, said Stephen Steinhilber, a former Nolan business associate and Virginia Beach restaurateur. I don't know how it came about, but they asked me if I had been a SEAL, and I for some reason said yes to give credence to what I was saying to them. Robert Ray Alexander. An enterprising detective persuaded Stern to pose for a photo while wearing the medal. Someone commented about him having a girlfriend that was the only thing that came out of the posers mouth that sounded legit sad to say when he would ramble on about his pathetic life with a fat ass bitch wife. As I mentioned earlier, there are 4 teams in Coronado (1, 3, 5, and 7), and 4 teams in Little Creek, Virginia (2, 4, 8, and 10). . Rope Swing So I knew then that everything else he told me was going to be a line of B.S. Fake Navy Seals Wall Of Shame Customize Card + Wishlist Add to Cart. He said he draws a pension from the State Department. He was in a single digit BUDs class. There is a dog trainer in Brooklyn NY named Charles Henderson who always states he was in BUDs in 1987 Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training Class 146 Special Warfare Hell start dropping the SEAL bomb, and if you ask him what Team he was assigned to, he may say something like I was over at Team 2 in San Diego. The events surrounding both those incidents leave lots of unanswered questions. Its essentially a written request in which you describe the information you need, in the format you want it in, in as much detail as possible. Where On The BUD/S Compound Is The Bell? A tow truck soon appeared and removed the Lexus. And there are those who claim to be recipients of the Medal of Honor, the nation's most prestigious military citation. Most of the Obstacle course was modified I believe in 1987. Paul Puccillo - Fake Navy SEAL, Blog of Shame Navy . This is one I had actually never heard of until now. Shipley's fake-SEAL policing started six years ago, when a former Marine wanted to donate two sniper rifles to Shipley's camp. Bulls$%t. What an idiot. July 29, 1967 while on the deck and in his plane on the carrier U. If Stern sent a copy of that letter to Lt. Col. Howard V. Lee in Virginia Beach, it apparently did not arrive. All SEALs, regardless of what branch they may have previously served in, go through BUD/S. thank you military phony for exposing this piece of shit. There were no covert missions in Central America. He has NO clue what hes talking about, hes pulling crap out of his butt. He ``claims his body is a registered lethal weapon. None of the names shows up in the Navy's official database of every man who ever completed training in the elite commando unit. Schantag said complaints mushroomed from two in 1997 to 7,000 last year. Class 52 was designated 7102 (the second class of 1971). His wife is Amy ******** and is aware. It was time for the truth to come out. What is the point? The message on his answering machine identifies him as ``Captain Charles Moeller.' Ill be watching for him on Triathlete Phonies. and Incurable Disease Frauds. She had to go dig out the legal name change paperwork and jump through all kinds of hoops just to get USN Mus1 put on his headstone. Editor's note: This story originally was published in The Virginian-Pilot on Dec. 9, 2001. Paul madea video regarding Memorial Day in 2016. As word of the Web site and its mission spreads, the list grows. What a douche. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Rob V. is the founder of OperationMilitaryKids.org. The Duke of New York. I was part of a 3 man boat crew for SEAFOX, one of the many different spec war boats within the boat units (now called boat teams). R. Cherry (106). In des plaines. What about the mentors page on FB misleading these individuals into thinking he was someone that can help them but knew nothing more than how to tell a god lie. Hooyah Logs 6. I go by it every day. Doesnt talk much about it. Though temporarily blinded in his right eye by a North Vietnamese hand grenade that landed about two feet away, Lee helped rescue a Marine reconnaissance unit under withering enemy fire. We guess when you are making up crap it justcomes out like a rambling fool! Poor Paul, he cant make it through American Sniper, not sure why but we certainly hope PTSD isnt causing issues. Having 6 kids at the time and a freshly broken femur, I declined. We hired a contractor, Henry Samuel Breiner, Jr.,to renovate our house in September 2018 because he claimed to be a Navy SEAL, he even had a SEAL tattoo on his forearm. | Tags: BUD/S, Military Phonies, Military Phony, Navy, Navy Seal, Paul Puccillo, poser, SEAL. No such thing. More info. Parallel Bars I feel like its better to have the info out there and take the chance vs. keeping it under wraps. Very informative. Saturday, February 15, 2014. Not to bum out anyones day but at the Coronado facility, the Phil Bucklew building has been torn down, there is construction currently on the site. ``And I'm glad you are.'. Additionally, many phony SEALs will spell awards and citations incorrectly. Theres an epidemic of phony SEALs in this country, and the odds are stacked in my favor that my suggestion is likely right. He never spoke once about any disease or injury other than he worked as a bartender most his life after being discharged. If the guy claiming to be a SEAL doesnt know the name of the center, or even who Bucklew was, hes likely NOT a SEAL. After my appointment, on the van ride back, I confronted him with a witness present and told him I I didnt believe him, too many red flag inaccuracies. If a guy claiming to be a SEAL ever mentions that, you know hes full of it. Paul Puccillorecords were requested through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Quick Tip: Another thing you can ask is the color of the T-Shirt. He lured investors by posing as a former secret operative with the Navy, according to court papers. 3-2-21, You failed to mention that SEALs were also trained at Little Creek until August 1971. One-time CIA operative. 8. In fact, they spent their time preparing for the day they would leave the family they loved. Apparently it is advertised as a work of fiction with the main character named Michael Daniels. Those kids work their asses off to achieve something that is a time honored tradition! What a joke. Hes a regular Ansel Adamsbut more colorful. All of the even numbered Teams (2, 4, 8, and 10) are based in Little Creek, VA. SEAL Team 6 (aka DEVGRU) is based in Dam Neck, VA. Barbed Wire Youll bump into a guy who claims he was a former SEAL at a bar, gathering of friends, etc. Sometimes imposters pay a price for their deceptions. Always make your living doing something you enjoy. ``I had some students that were very, very marginal,' Ashman said. I wonder if this mug shot in Illinois is the same Paul Puccillo. Several of his technical education students at Chesapeake's Western Branch High School asked Ashman, 54, a former Navy chief, about the prospects of a military career. Detached with them to the Caribbean for a year. So how exactly do you check to see if someone was a Navy SEAL? Truly amazing how much time and effort these guys put into these fake profiles. The National Purple Heart Hall of Honor absolutely does not list all Purple Hearts since World War 1. The site explicitly says, if you did not receive a search result for the person you entered, this likely means that the person has not been enrolled in the Roll of Honor. I have nothing but contempt for the piece of crap Ive just been reading about. Cargo Net 1: the second obstacle on the O course used to be a stump jump (10 diameter logs sticking up out of the sand between 2 to 4 in the air.